Therapeutic Spice: Leadership/Guidance for "Seasoned" Professionals

Applications Accepted Now

As mental health professionals, we are required to sit with a supervisor for hundreds of hours of mentorship and supervision.  That care and guidance typically ends when we receive our licenses. As our careers expand, we are faced with increased demands, greater challenges, complicated caseloads, and problematic staff, with limited (or no) support.

Therapeutic Spice, my mentoring program for leaders, is designed to fill that gap.  In the safety of other healers and leaders in our field, you will be invited to ask questions, receive answers, and tap into your own innate wisdom.  The underdeveloped parts of your leadership will be strengthened, while the highly developed parts of you will be nourished and supported.

Our monthly session topics will include:

  • Teaching (and modeling) Self-Care
  • Leadership Pitfalls
  • Boundaries with Heart
  • Moving Past Shame and Perfectionism in Leadership
  • Tapping into our “Qualitative” Minds
  • Creating a Balance between Creativity and Structure
  • Living the Balance between Serving Humanity and Making a Living
  • Expanding your Capacity for Clinical Supervision
  • Managing Challenging Teams
  • Increasing Your Capacity to Listening…and being Heard

This unique program includes:

  • 3 individual 60-minute mentoring sessions
  • 10 group mentoring sessions: one 2-hour session per month for 10 months.
  • Private Facebook Group – An exclusive community of seasoned practitioners, where we can ask questions, support, share resources, and motivate each other.
  • Up to 25 CEUs (all of which can be used towards new requirements for clinical supervision in the State of MD)


This program is tailored to mental health professionals in leadership positions.  Leadership may include one or all of the following:

  • Clinical Directors
  • Executive Directors
  • Clinical Team Managers
  • Case Management Supervisors
  • Clinical Supervisors
  • Clinicians in private practice (20+hours/week) for a minimum of seven years

Application process:

I am accepting for the April 2019 program.

Your completed application file must include:

  1. An on-line application here.
  2. A current resume or CV to Dr. Sabrina at
  3. A brief letter of introduction about you—your strengths, passions, growth edges, big dreams.

After your acceptance, a non-refundable deposit of $400 is required to hold your place in the program. The remainder of the fee is collected in six equal payments, month 1-6 of the program.


$2500 if deposit is received by April 15, 2019

$2700 if deposit received after April 15, 2019

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Taking Flight: A Nine-Month Journey of Healing and Renewal for Women Leaders

The Journey begins January 29, 2019

You’ve been on this journey for a long time. And for many reason, you have fallen back into patterns of heartache, loneliness, and the illusion of separation. I’ve been on significant parts of this journey with you—holding your heart, and serving as an exquisite witness to your joys, and your sorrows. After working with countless amazing clients with similar stories, I have decided to create a group for us—smart, engaging, competent women, who are still working on knowing (and loving) themselves.

This small-group experience is an opportunity for you to see your life with new eyes, to share your story in the safety of others, and to taste the sweetness of validation and  hope.

Through our nine-month journey, you will…

  • Create mental, physical, and emotional balance…
  • Learn tools for self-care…
  • Recognize and break unhealthy patterns…
  • Improve your ability to manage stress…
  • Enhance your understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection…
  • Love and embrace your imperfect “parts”…
  • Embrace a lifestyle of forgiveness, mercy, and trust…
  • Experience freedom…

Our sacred journey begins in January, 2019, and ends in September.

Take your chance—see what awaits you on the other side of this adventure to yourself.

Cost-$200/month for 9 months (may be insurance reimbursable)

Register Here!