Left Turn to Mama

I had spent my entire adult life asking for permission to sit at Mama Africa’s feet. My first request was made when I was a 26-year old social worker and graduate student, fearfully submitting a Peace Corps application. I studied Wolof in the hope that I would be sent... read more

Elected Angels

A Story of Grief, Mercy, and Power in the Dawn of the Donald December 8, 2016 — My grief over the election outcome had calmed from the loud roar that halted my breath, to a soft whisper of a slight discomfort in my belly. I had begun the work of relationship repair,... read more

Covered Exposure

A Muslim psychotherapist reflects on the day she revealed her religious identity to the world We met every Tuesday—to sew under the leadership of master tailor, Bonnie Allen.  They were all retired, mostly white women, living in the warm bubble of San Francisco Bay... read more

The Day We Met…Again

An excerpt from Dr. Sabrina’s upcoming book, The Laugh of Love, based on her maternal grandmother’s ability to transcend trauma, multiple chronic illnesses, and physical disabilities. I sat in the front of the classroom, excitedly preparing to learn the... read more

The Moment I Knew I Found My Husband

An American Couples’ Therapist reflects on falling in love with her husband from Africa.  “I think I’m gonna marry you”, he announced. “Oh my goodness another crazy African”, I thought (he wanted to be my husband the first moment we... read more

Compassion Trumps Trump

A psychotherapist reflects on the magic of connection with an unlikely flying companion.  My throbbing head and prickly throat demanded a 2-hour nap for the flight’s first leg. As I settled in to my seat, I smiled down at my neighbor—an elderly woman, with a warm... read more