After almost 30 years as a helping professional, I remain in awe of the practice of psychotherapy, and the possibilities of growth. I bow to the courageous hearts who have trusted me with their stories, and have asked me for guidance in their healing journey. If you have landed on this site in search of a therapist, then I applaud you for taking this courageous step towards tapping into your innate wisdom. If you’re here in search of a teacher, then I welcome you to sign up for one of many workshops and retreats. I pray that the information that we share together paves the way for mutual learning and respect. The answers that will arrive at the doorstep of your consciousness will not just come from me–they will emerge from the deep connections that you make in the community that we create in our real or virtual classrooms. If you’re here in search of a speaker for your next event, then I welcome you to take a peek at my list of upcoming adventures in the local, national, and international healing communities that I have been called to serve. And if you’re here to simply seek comfort, then I welcome you to take your time, kick up your heels, and show up as your uniquely beautifully vulnerable self. While the web is a beautiful place to begin a relationship, nothing replaces the power of live connection. I pray that this introduction paves the way for a deeper, more meaningful, experience for both of us. I look forward to our next steps… Peace and Blessings,

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